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Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy is part of terms of use that are applied to all users and visitors of Jeddah Municipality Portal www.jeddah.gov.sa and all related websites and subdomains.

Your use of this website means your acceptance to all terms and conditions and to whatever changes or amendments hereafter. Website management reserves the right to make any change in privacy policy or terms of use without any prior notice. If you continue using the website after making any change to the privacy policy, this means that you accept them.

Collection of Electronic Information:

Once a user visits the website of Jeddah Municipality, the municipality's server logs his IP address. Sometimes, we may put a small file called "cookies" on the hard drive of the visitor.

Collection of Personal Information:

We do not collect personal information about you while you access the website unless you specifically and willingly choose to provide such information to us.

This information may include (and not necessarily exclusive to) your name, identity number, email, mobile number, and other information that might be required to provide services to you. You are also responsible for the correctness of the data you submit to us.

If you provide us with your personal data through the website or by sending us an email, we may share the necessary data with other bodies or other departments to serve you more effectively. By submitting your data and your personal Municipal information through the electronic website of Jeddah Municipality, it means you fully agree to the storage, processing and use of such data by the Saudi authorities. We reserve the right at all times to disclose any Municipal information to the competent authorities, when it is necessary to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request.

Information Security:

We follow accurate and strict security measures and technologies to protect information from loss or unauthorized access or misuse or modification or disclosure. However, Jeddah Municipality cannot guarantee the confidentiality of your use of the website.

Sending Messages to the Municipality:

When you inquire or request information about something or a specific service, or if you give us information, using whatever means of communication with the municipality, whether electronic or non-electronic, we will use your email address to respond to your inquiry. It is also possible to save and keep your email address and your message and our response for the purposes of quality control, and we may do so for legal and censorship purposes.

External Links:

This website may contain external links to websites that may use different methods for protecting information and privacy not similar to what we use. We are not responsible for the content, methods and characteristics of these other websites, and advise you to read the privacy policy of those websites.

We use these external links for reference purposes, and Jeddah Municipality is not responsible for the content of those websites.